Are Bills Better Off Starting Barkley?

Buffalo routed the Jets and made it look easy throughout. What was expected to be a low scoring game was anything but as the Bills hit a season high 41 points in the win. The defense was just as stellar keeping a stagnant Jets offense to a meager 10 points. After a big win on an otherwise disappointing season, Buffalo has a question at QB on their hands.

Josh Allen is the future and he is talented but also dealing with an elbow injury. The offensive line is questionable at best, the weapons around him are average and Allen is already trying to recover from a mid season injury in his throwing elbow.

On the flip side, you know what you get with the other quarterbacks on the roster. Peterman will be cut soon enough and Derek Anderson is also banged up. Barkley isn’t a long term solution but he is capable enough to spread the ball around and even with the Bills a few games. So that raises the question, should he start?

As he put on display today, he was able to move the offense all over the field against a middle of the pack Jets defense. Allen is still a rookie and in no danger of losing his job but can worsen his injury. This is a lost season for the Bills as they won’t be making the playoffs and have more questions then answers for the 2018 team. So I have hit on this point before, let Allen sit and learn.

Like I said, Allen is talented, he is the future and he could win some games now. But he was able to get some game experience and now he has a stable of veteran quarterbacks around him he can grow and learn from. Let Barkley do his best and as unfair as it may be, send Barkley to the slaughter. There is no reason to lose your QB of the next 15 years to try and win a few games in year one.

Let us know what you think below, should Josh Allen start after the bye or let him sit behind Barkley?

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