Power Ranking the New Top 10 After Wild Week

Week 10 didn’t disappoint, confirming that some teams belong and other that do not. This week we saw two top ten teams lose and another two slip out by barely avoiding a loss. It reaffirmed that Alabama is the real deal, despite playing a weak record to this point, and that Ohio State could be in a free fall.

1. Alabama

This isn’t a surprise to anyone after the four touchdown win against LSU. I was critical of Alabama and the schedule they play year to year.( Alabama Needs to be Forced Into a Tougher Schedule) Beating LSU in the fashion they did was surprising. At least Tua played the fourth quarter for the first time this season. But one thing is clear, everyone else is playing for second.

Alabama has the best defense yearly, they shouldn’t be allowed to have the best quarterback too.

2. Clemson

Again, no surprise with Clemson sitting at two. After putting up 77 on Louisville, there is no doubt this is the second best team in the country. Between the defensive line being one of the best in the country and Trevor Lawrence taking college football by storm, this looks like the only team to give Alabama a problem.

3. Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s undefeated season rolls on after a 10 point win in Northwestern and looks towards a struggling Florida State team this week. Notre Dame can play with anyone when at the top of their game, if you leave out the top two teams on this list. Notre Dame is a very good team that everyone loves to hate, but Irish fans, lets not be naive about “wanting Bama.”

4. Michigan

Michigan has one of the best defenses in the entire country and Shea Patterson is starting to find his groove as the season goes on. They look poised to win the Big Ten if they can get past Ohio State. Meeting Northwestern in the Big Ten championship won’t be easy as they only beat them by three early in the season. It will be a long road yet, but Michigan should be in the playoff come seasons end.

5. LSU

LSU just ran into the best team in the nation, that result would have happened to anyone. LSU still has arguably the best defensive secondary in the country. It showed how good they can be after a huge win against Georgia earlier in the year. The offense is still an LSU offense and its unfortunate that they didn’t have Joe Burrow the last few years. If they had some offensive talent from years past this team could be one of the best. Just a few years to late.

6. Georgia

Georgia is still one of the best teams in the country and they beat a Kentucky team that has been solid all year. Kentucky was just over matched and it showed all afternoon. Fromm has struggled and doesn’t seem to be playing at the level everyone thought, but it is still enough to get the job. Georgia can play with anyone when they play to their potential.

7. Oklahoma

Oklahoma almost had its hopes of a playoff end last night against Texas Tech. The Red Raiders gave them everything and Oklahoma won in Big 12 fashion 51-46. Kyler Murray is one of the greatest athletes at QB this season and gives Oklahoma a chance anytime he is on the field.

He does everything well and is what is keeping Oklahoma relevant.

8. Washington State

Mike Leach is back. It took a few years but he has built up this Washington State team into a contender. It took the Cougars everything they had to walk away with a win against Cal. Teams have bad games, good teams find a way to win. Great teams find a way to cover, so I won’t call them great just yet. The Pac-12 as a whole has struggled but Washington State looks to be a bright spot to keep them in the conversation.

9. West Virginia

Will Grier is one of the best QB’s in the entire country. The Mountaineer offense is loaded with talent and this is the best defense Dana Holgerson has had since arriving in Morgantown. While that doesn’t mean its a high end defense, its serviceable when the offense is so dynamic. With the combo of Sills and Jennings at receiver and Pettiway at running back, this offense can play with just about anyone.

10. UCF

I had an issue with Alabama’s schedule, in comparison, Alabama plays a tough schedule compared to UCF. They are here simply because they are undefeated and Ohio State has been on a slide since the second half of Purdue. UCF has the 127th ranked strength of schedule, North Dakota State has the 128th. Both teams are undefeated and North Dakota State is an FCS school. For the reason I don’t put UCF higher is the same reason North Dakota State isn’t ranked in the top 25.

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