Alabama Needs to be Forced Into a Tougher Schedule


The first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2018 season have been revealed.

And according to College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit, who nailed the selection committee’s Top 6, the eye-test was the primary factor used in determining every contender’s value through the first nine weeks of the season.

He was surprised by several teams outside of the elites in contention and mentioned several upcoming nationally-ranked matchups — specifically Alabama-LSU, Michigan-Penn State and others — that will critically affect this poll in the near future.

(Via 247 Sports)

The first College Football Playoff rankings were release on Tuesday and they didn’t really surprise anyone. Alabama was locked into the top spot, as expected, but they need to put some pressure on the Tide.

Alabama has looked dominant all season long as they roll through their schedule, but who is the competition? Alabama has looked the part and I don’t think in anyway they shouldn’t be ranked in the top four. On the flip side, everyone has to play difficult schedules to build a resume, except Alabama.

Since the playoff was started, Alabama has not played a non-conference true road game. That is five years that Alabama has had to go on the road into a hostile environment. Everyone is going to point to the grueling SEC schedule they always have to play and think that is more then enough. This isn’t the SEC of 10 years ago that was stacked from top to bottom. While the records look impressive in the SEC, the early season is full of FCS schools and low end competition.

Now the SEC still has some powerhouse teams, but Alabama doesn’t have to play a top 20 team until week 10. Like I said, Alabama is a top four team, but they shouldn’t get to skate to a playoff while everyone else has to grind all year.

The committee has proven that they take schedule into consideration, that’s why UCF will never make the playoff. They have passed the eye test against low end competition. Once they beat LSU this weekend, it’ll solidify everything. But make them sweat early in the year with the rest of them. USC plays Texas, Georgia traveled to Notre Dame and Miami plays LSU. Stop the SEC/Alabama bias and make them work for it like everyone else.

Let us know what you think. Does Alabama get a pass for their history or should they be forced into a tougher schedule?

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