It’s Time for Notre Dame to Move On from Navy

I love tradition and everything and keeping it alive if possible, but it’s time to move on. Notre Dame came out on top last Saturday 44-22 and it was the 76th win in the series for the Irish. They two have played each other every year dating back to 1927 and Navy has only come out on top 13 times, it’s time to let this one go.

It isn’t competitive

As mentioned above, Navy only has 13 wins in 90 games. Navy might have given Notre Dame issues in the last few years but only have a 14% win percentage to show for it in 90 years. Even with Navy playing tough, over the last 10 years they have only won three games.

This is a game on the schedule every year that is just taking up space. Like I said, I love traditions and I love rivalry, but this isn’t much of a rivalry when one team is so dominant. People will point to Purdue which leads to my next point.

ACC scheduling changes everything

There is no room left to schedule this game with the ACC commitment. Notre Dame isn’t in a conference but still has to schedule five ACC teams a year. Between that and working in all of the other rivalry games in just doesn’t work.

Since Notre Dame doesn’t have the benefit of a conference championship, they have to pretty much go undefeated to make a playoff. It is a stress that few, if any, college teams have to face outside of Notre Dame. Navy typically isn’t a team that boosts the strength of schedule either. I would much rather see Michigan State on the schedule then have Navy there when Notre Dame needs to do so much to win the respect of the nation.

Preparation and injury issue

I had to throw this one in there. Injury is a possibility in any game and Navy doesn’t do anything dirty as cut blocks are apart of the game. Cut blocks have a higher probability of injuries so it is unfortunate but again, apart of the game.

With that out of the way, the real issue is the prep work that goes into a team like Navy. I am on record being a huge fan of the triple option, that doesn’t mean I like to watch Notre Dame defend it. It is such a different offense that you don’t see it unless you run into one of the few teams that still use it. It causes issues and it makes a team spend a week on an offense they won’t see again until next year. It’s a waste of time to spend a week practicing for something you won’t see again.

It makes all the sense in the world for Navy to run it but not for Notre Dame to have to focus on it.

The series doesn’t have to die

I’m not saying the series has to be tossed out for good. Fans do love this match up and look forward to Navy every year. I don’t want to see this go away all together but maybe push this back to once every few years. I would like to see it just like Northwestern. That is a rivalry that goes back to the 1800’s with breaks throughout the years.

Notre Dame has been playing Navy every year for 90 years which is too much time and tradition to just throw away. It also doesn’t carry a lot of weight anymore as Navy doesn’t carry the same weight that it use to. Don’t scrap the rivalry all together, but it’s time to bring the schedule into the twenty first century.


Let us know what you think below. Do you want the tradition to continue or would you like Notre Dame to move on?

4 thoughts on “It’s Time for Notre Dame to Move On from Navy

  1. The author of this article really has no idea of what the Naval Academy means to Notre Dame. Had he/she down their research, they would know the history of this series and why it is VERY important to ND!
    Please research your topic before publishing utter Bullshit!

    1. Agreed. It’s not about a rivalry or about patriotism. It’s a partnership, regardless of the pay-off (or lack of one).

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