Sean Payton to Dallas Rumors are Back

Now, has revealed which individual has the best odds of coaching the Dallas Cowboys for the team’s 2019 season opener.

And boy, the list is a doozy.

  • Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator, New England Patriots +250

  • Sean Payton, head coach, New Orleans Saints +300
    (via star-telegram)

This isn’t the first time this rumor has popped up so there has to be some validity to it. Vegas typically knows what they’re doing and to see odds that low is a bit concerning. On the flip side, this isn’t the first time a team has been interested in Payton.

Sean Payton is probably the most important person in the entire organization. Drew Brees is a once n a generation level talent, but Payton is what brings this entire team together. A few years back there was talks of the Colts and Cowboys being interested.

The cowboys always seemed like a fit because of the history and family ties to the Dallas area for Sean Payton. He was on the coaching staff of the Cowboys dating back through 2003-2005 seasons. Payton also lived in Dallas up until 2014 when he put his house up on the market. Throw in the fact that he spent his suspension in 2012 in Dallas coaching his son’s football team in Argyle.

He has the ties, the relationships and Jerry Jones has the finances to make all of this happen. Jason Garrett’s contract runs out at the end of this season and the Cowboys could be in the market to move on. People close to the situation have mentioned that Jones likes Garrett and wants to keep him on, fans, and media personnel seem to feel differently about it.

The real question now comes down to, how would the Cowboys get Payton and would Payton leave Drew Brees.

Payton signed a contract for five years in 2016, the last time these rumors were at a fever pitch. For Payton to leave there would have to be a trade of some sort or the Saints would have to agree to let Payton leave. I highly doubt the latter would happen and it would be difficult to get the two teams to agree on a trade price.

The other question revolves around Brees. Payton obviously has loyalty to Brees and Brees only has a few years left before he rides off into the sunset. Payton leaving Brees to end up with Prescott seems like a head scratcher. Prescott isn’t the worst but he is a game manager and Brees is one of the greatest to ever do it. There seems like too little gain for SP to get out of New Orleans and become the head man in Dallas.

The rumor is back, but it seems weaker then the last time. There are just too many moving parts for this to seem so plausible. I would save your money and stay away from that bet.

Let us know what you think below. What would it take for Dallas to make a trade for Sean Payton. Would you like the idea of a trade for the right price?

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