Lasting Effects of the Shot Clock

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee has altered its proposal of a shot clock after receiving feedback from survey data, according to several coaches.

The committee has shifted to an 80-second shot clock that starts on possession. Teams will still need to clear across midline in 20 seconds, but the shot clock will be triggered on possession. So, if a team clears past midline in 10 seconds, it will have 70 seconds to shoot from there.

The reset will be 80 seconds, as well.

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The rule has been in place and been implemented through some scrimmages up to this point. Everything I have read so far has been mixed. They obviously have some kinks to work out with the new rule so I expect a few hiccups along the way.

The real reason for this is to see what the public feels about the new rule. This is a game changing rule and totally reshapes college lacrosse. Not only that but pushes it towards the pro game.

Comparable to the MLL

the shot clock pushes the college game closer to looking like the pro game. A major grip with old school college fans is the rules of the MLL. (I’m not sure what rules the PLL will adopt but I imagine it will be similar) With  the rules starting to match up this could help with the transition to the pros and help grow professional lacrosse. It isn’t identical as they won’t have a two point line and more time, but you get what I’m saying.

I also don’t see shootouts being as common as they are in the MLL. Notre Dame played Yale in a fall ball scrimmage and the score looked similar to a college score of seasons past. I am going off memory, but it was in the ball park of 11-8. Notre Dame caused quite a few shot clock violations and the entire game was sped up. It wasn’t always pretty but it is fall ball with a new rule.

Increasing Pace of Play

While the game needs to be sped up to catch the eye of mass appeal, I don’t want to see the game fall behind.

Speeding the game up is great if you can maintain offense and it doesn’t turn into a mad dash and poor shots. That doesn’t do the game any favors. If the game can be quicker paced but still keep the integrity and fantastic play, I Am all for it. The biggest positive will be the risks people take and late game situations.

Forcing the ball to the crease was typically frowned upon, now with the clock winding down it might not be such a bad idea. More risks carried the possibility of ramped up excitement. To add on, there is no more sitting on the ball at the end of games. The refs always seemed to wait on a shot clock way to long at the end of the game. That is now out of the equation. I hated how the end of the game could come down to judgement. That has been taken out and should result in more exciting finishes.

I am in the camp of wanting the world to enjoy lacrosse as much as I do. Anything to pay players more or shed more light on this great game is all I look for. I know some feel the exact opposite, totally understandable, I just want the World to witness what I get to.

Let us know what you think below. Are you in favor of the shot clock or would you rather the rules stay the same?

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