The End of Urban Meyer is on the Horizon

“The Ohio State Buckeyes reportedly have bigger problems than just one loss after Purdue beat them by 29 points Saturday. 

Scott Roussel of Football Scoop cited sources who said there is “friction” between head coach Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith. He also noted “there is a tension that hasn’t been present in recent years” inside the football program as a whole.

This comes after former Ohio State quarterback and current ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and pointed to the “big problems” within the program as Meyer appears stressed and troubled on the sideline.


Urban Meyer’s reign could be coming to an abrupt end sooner then anticipated. While the on field success is there, there are too many warning signs that this is going to be coming to an end shortly.

During the offseason, an assistant coach scandal was less then ideal. With the domestic violence issues with Zach Smith and how Meyer handled it was the talk for a few weeks. The result was Smith being dismissed and Meyer getting suspended along with AD Gene Smith. That seemed to be what could end the Urban Meyer era, but Ohio State felt three games were enough.

The next issue came about with Meyer collapsing on the sideline of the Indiana game Oct. 6. Meyer claimed it was due to headaches he had been suffering from. Meyer has a history of health issues going back to his Florida days and a major reason he stepped away from the program. The stress of leading one of the most well known college football schools in the country has to be overwhelming to put it lightly.

With the administrative issues, the health issues and then the 29 point blowout loss to Purdue, you can see why tensions are starting to rise. Urban Meyer is 77-9 with a National Championship and two Big Ten titles. But there are issues with this team, one that faced a similar loss to Iowa last season, that are out of character for Meyer. There seems to be a change in the program the last two years and it isn’t for the better. Here is what Kirk Herbstreit said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in all of college football but he may have overstayed his welcome. For one reason or another, most college coaches don’t leave on their own terms, unless your Bill Snieder. That man has tried to leave and they just won’t let him.

While I don’t see a better coaching option out there, Meyer may have had enough and be one of the few that walks away when he wants. At 54 years old, he is still young in the college football world but has struggled with health problems for years. It most likely won’t be this year but sooner rather then later, the Urban Meyer era will likely come to an end in Columbus.

Maybe he leaves for a new job, I heard USC might be looking.

Let us know what you think, does this blow over or is Meyer out of town come seasons end?

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