Brandon Wimbush Shouldn’t be Forgotten

I talked about Kelly implementing Wimbush into some designed packages ( What Notre Dame Should do with Brandon Wimbush ) but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen. With that being the case, barring injury, Brandon Wimbush’s time is likely done at Notre Dame. While there were some really rocky points, he shouldn’t be forgotten for what he has done at Notre Dame.

Ian Book is the better quarterback and unless injured will hold that spot for the foreseeable future. But Wimbush still had quite the career, even with it being frustrating at times, he was still exciting to watch.

Wimbush took over in 2017 after Deshone Kizer limped to a 4-8 record in 2016 and left for the NFL. There wasn’t a whole lot to expect from Wimbush and most wanted Brian Kelly fired. Wimbush rose to the occasion and took Notre Dame to a 10-3 record in 2017. Quite the bounce back from the year before, even more so being his first year as a starter.

Wimbush also has an electric highlight reel that will be fun to watch for any Irish fans. (Just stay away from the low lights)

When clicking, he was fun to watch. 30 total touchdowns last season and he was always one of the best athletes on the field. He was easy to get mad at and blame the issues of the offense on, but the good times were fun.

I know this team is better with Book, I even called for Book to start, but he has been a first class teammate and nothing bur professional the entire time. Some QB’s leave the team mid season when benched, others stay and help their team any way they can.

While I still hope to see Wimbush get some select packages because of his athleticism, I won’t hold my breath. Wimbush wasn’t perfect, but he should still be appreciated for his short time in the blue and gold.

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2 thoughts on “Brandon Wimbush Shouldn’t be Forgotten

  1. I agree with this Irish fan100%. Winbush although not the better QB, Ian Book is,has much to much talent to be pushed aside and not used in some packages. For the most part I believe that he can most be of help to the team by switching position to RB. Until the return of Dexter Williams after serving a four game suspension, the Irish had been very raw at the RB position.I believe Winbush adds needed depth at that position.

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