The Bills Need to Bench Josh Allen

Orchard Park, NY – Derek Anderson’s Bills career isn’t done just yet. 

Sean McDermott said on Monday that Josh Allen will not play against the Patriots Monday night. It will be his second missed start due to the elbow injury suffered against the Texans. 

Anderson will again start for the Bills. 

Sunday was the 9th time in 24 games under McDermott that the Bills lost by more than 10 points. That’s the most in the league. It’s the 7th time a McDermott team lost by 20 or more. The previous five seasons of Bills football only featured six such defeats. 

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The Bills have been better then expected this season and that’s rough considering they are 2-5. The defense has had flashes but seems to fall apart at times and the offense has been atrocious most of the season. With Derek Anderson in the mix, it is time to sit Josh Allen down.

Allen is the first QB the Bills have had in years that I truly believe in. EJ Manuel was clearly not the guy and everyone found that out quickly. Week two of his rookie season, he tossed a game winning touchdown on a blown coverage and that was his highlight. But Allen has shown that he can be special.

Allen is better then Derek Anderson, I don’t question that in the least. The problem is his supporting cast. The offensive line is one of the worst in the league, Shady can’t get healthy and his receiving core is average at best. What does he get out of any of this?

I understand playing experience helps but when you can’t get a second to throw, it doesn’t help with much. He was on pace to break David Carr’s record for being sacked the most in a season. Let him sit and learn the rest of the year and avoid any further injury.

The Bills are currently fourth in the division and sit almost at the bottom of the entire league. Buffalo will get a high draft pick and currently hold 10 draft picks for the 2019 draft. Build this team and let Allen learn from a veteran. Anderson might not be good but he has found a way to keep a career going this long. Anderson has been around the league and can help Allen with game prep to the grueling NFL season.

There is little to gain out of Allen taking 4+ sacks a game and having little to no run game. The kid can play, don’t kill his confidence and his career before they really start. Also, it is exciting to watch but maybe talk to him about sliding instead of hurdling.


Let us know what you think below. Would you rather Allen start when healthy or sit for the rest of the season?


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