Ball State Hangover, The Morning After

It is all over. Take a breath, burn the tape and lets move on. The game was ugly for sure but it was a win. as disappointing as the Irish performance was, the sky is not falling.

Wimbush struggled, the offense struggled, and at points, the defensive backs struggled. While it has been a staple in the BK playbook to play down to their competition, not getting the blow out win never feels great. With that said, everything will be fine. The Irish still have talent on both sides of the ball. This is the same team that had everyone singing their praises for a big win against Michigan. They played a bad MAC team and just came out flat. This doesn’t mean they’re doomed for the rest of the season. Teams struggle with bad teams, it happens.( Penn St just last week)

Another point is to comment on the Wimbush hate I keep seeing. Don’t get me wrong, Wimbush struggled and made a few really bad plays. It also became evident that he didn’t grow as much as I had previously thought. Now that doesn’t mean he needs all the blame for the offensive struggles. The offensive line did not do him to many favors and the play calling was at times, suspect. I won’t deny that I called to see Ian Book after Wimbush lobbed a pass into coverage for a pick. Its starting to become evident that this offense will move with Wimbush and for that to happen he needs to get mobile. He threw 31 passes yesterday. Wimbush said it wasn’t his intention to not run and he took what the Ball St defense gave him. The issue is when every team takes the same approach. While Jafar Armstrong and Tony Jones Jr have been solid, it just hasn’t been the Josh Adams level of carrying an offense. It isn’t a knock on them as the offensive line has also taken a step back from last year. The return of a fresh Dexter Williams should also help mold and propel this offense but it’ll be a few weeks before we get to see the effects.

To wrap this up, Notre Dame faithful, take a breath. I know it was difficult to watch and incredibly frustrating at times but it isn’t time to panic. Let’s move onto next week and watch this team continue to grow and improve.

We’re on to Vanderbilt

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