Should Ian Book Start Against Ball State?

I saw this question come up on a message board and thought it was an interesting topic to cover. Should Kelly give Book meaningful minutes with the starting group Saturday?

While I am starting to believe in the off season hype with Wimbush, I don’t think it would hurt to give Ian Book a shot. I know it is just Ball St and Book will probably get some time in the second half, but I would like to see his growth. Kelly talked very highly of Book in the off season as he did with Wimbush. I would like to see if Book had a similar leap in play. This team could be special but this season will land on how well the QB play for the Irish is.

I would take Book starting as a win-win. Wimbush doesn’t take the chance of getting hurt, Book gets to showcase against a team the Irish should steamroll and the fans get to see both QB’s play. My biggest push for this is the fact that Notre Dame has talent at wide receiver and running back this year. Book is the better thrower, just not nearly as dynamic as an athlete as Wimbush. I don’t see Wimbush building much off this game. A confidence boost, sure, but he should not be in the game long anyway. If Wimbush is running and gunning late into the third quarter, something has gone terribly wrong.

whether Book or Wimbush play on Saturday should result in an Irish win. But let me know what you think below. Would you like to see Book get reps with the starters or let Wimbush build off a big week 1 win?


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2 thoughts on “Should Ian Book Start Against Ball State?

  1. I think wimbush should get in there and work on his throwing and I would also like to see book in there so that he could get some experience

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