Wimbush Has Actually Improved from ’17

This was the biggest question coming into 2018. Wimbush is a freak athlete but has shown trouble with his touch. His short and intermediate throws have always been cause for concern. Now it looks like there has been actual improvement for Wimbush. His deep ball has always been the strength of his passing game and was on display Saturday night.

While the pass was under thrown and Finke made an incredible play, Wimbush dropped a few passes into Alize Mack throughout the game as well.

We also got to see Wimbush’s athleticism in full effect with a few big runs. While the numbers don’t look impressive at first glance, you have to remember this is an elite defense that was ranked top 5 in the country last year. Wimbush started hot in the first quarter with passes going for 16, 28 and a 43 yard touchdown. He also added 59 yards on 19 carries throughout the game. Again, not impressive numbers when you add in he had 170 yards passing with 1 TD and 1 INT. It wasn’t the numbers that impress, it was how he handled everything and his performance in important spots.(He also had a touchdown called back on an illegal formation penalty) Wimbush started hot and was still able to keep the offense alive when the Michigan D clamped down in the second half. It was also refreshing to see less erratic throws in the short to intermediate passing games.

This is a game that tells a lot more then the box score shows. Wimbush has had to take questions all off season about his sub 50% completetion from last season. while his 12-22 was only good for 55%, Wimbush proved he can handle the stress and roll with the punches. Michigan had seven months of scheming and tape to study. For Wimbush to preform how he did gives me hope the 2018 Irish can be special. A great defense doesn’t hurt either.


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