Could the Irish have Been the Beginning of the End for Harbaugh?


Another score to add to the long history of Notre Dame and Michigan but could be even more important to Jim Harbaugh. The media might be to blame behind the hype of Michigan and Shea Patterson but Harbaugh said this would be a new and improved offense. The result, much of the same. Very little productivity came from the Michigan offense and the streak of Michigan scoring an offensive touchdown in South bend was almost extended for few years.

There was a lot of fan fair when Harbaugh arrived to take control of Michigan but now in his fourth year, what excuse can anyone have now? Harbaugh has been an upgrade over the likes of Rich Rod but this is not the College Football Playoffs  caliber type team the sports world kept hearing about. He has all of his own players on this roster and not much has changed. The defense is going to be top 15 this year and the offense, a whole lot similar to last year.

Harbaugh has his players, his coaches and all the resources needed to be what everyone said he was going to become at Michigan. Then, Notre Dame showed us he won’t become what the media claimed. He currently sits with an overall record at 28-12. He is 9-9 in his last 18 games and has been known to lose to rivals with a record of 1-6 vs the Buckeyes, Spartans and Fighting Irish. But this year was different, that is until the Irish came through and showed us it wasn’t. Without wins against Michigan St., Ohio St. or Penn St. his seat could get awfully hot come December.


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