Colin Cowherd Claims Harbaugh is on the same Level as Saban.

That, to me, was absurd. Harbaugh is a great coach, don’t get me wrong. But, he is no Saban. Saban has 6 titles to his name and Harbaugh hasn’t won a title at any level. I won’t knock Harbaugh as he just missed the CFB playoffs and has been to a Superbowl which is an impressive track record throughout his career. The problem is he hasn’t won anything note worthy and he has lost in the only big game he played in. He turned around the 49er’s and Stanford, but he hasn’t really gone past making them a solid team. I just figured this would be something Irish fans would like to comment on with Sept. 1st looming. Let me know what you think because personally, I put Harbaugh on the same level as coach K. Some success but never actually winning anything. I won’t take it away from him that he is talented but Cowherd needs to pump the brakes on the Saban talk.

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