The Next Great Notre Dame QB

Notre Dame has had its fair share of great QBs over the last decade. Both Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen helped keep the Irish relevant, no matter how hard there coaches tried to screw it all up. I’m not going to keep going back throughout the history of the Irish but there should be some real excitement with this kid.

Phil Jurkovec.

It’s a name to remember because it will be household soon. Being the fourth ranked dual threat nationally and being ranked top 100 overall should draw some interest from any Irish fan. a look at his highlight tape shows why the Irish are so glad he didn’t listen to his parents.

His parents made a push for Penn St. but he had other plans. Notre Dame posters hung in his childhood bedroom and he made it clear, given the opportunity, that’s where he would end up. The 6-5 215 pound freshman has a lot to love. From his escape-ability to his quick release, he could be the answer Brian Kelly has been looking for. Throughout his tenure, Kelly has struggled to lock down a starting QB. Kiser looked like he could be the answer but never stuck around long enough to pan out to what he could have been. But Jurkovec could be the difference maker the Notre Dame has been waiting for. While I’m not going to crown him the next Joe Montana, it feels like he could be something special. He talked NDinsider about picking Notre Dame.

“At Penn State, the home-state school, it was very impressive,” Sara Jurkovec says. “We drove home from that trip, and Jim (Jurkovec) and I were in the front seat, like, ‘Wow.’ At every turn we were very impressed.”

But Phil wasn’t listening.

On the contrary, he was whistling.

“There was this whistling going on in the back seat. It was the Notre Dame fight song,” Sara says with a laugh.

Exactly one month later, Phil committed to Notre Dame during an unofficial visit. After leaving South Bend, he pulled off the interstate at the first available rest stop and called Ohio State coach Urban Meyer to deliver the news.”

The real question for the Irish fans comes if Wimbush starts to struggle. Jurkovec is the highly touted four star recruit that had Ohio St., Penn St. and others fawning over him. But is he ready at a young age to face the spoplight and scrutiny of the Notre Dame lights? Brian Kelly has been known to keep freshman on the sidelines throughout his coaching career. With Ian Book waiting in the wings, could Jurkovec be thrust into the starting spot if he’s as special as he seems? Or will he be waiting for his day like so many before him.

Let us know in the comments below who you think will be the starter in 2018.

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